Bethany Illinois

Welcome to Bethany, Illinois 61914
135th Anniversary 1877 – 2012


Vision  Statement for Bethany:

  Bethany is a rural town of approximately 1400 people with a strong past and promising future.  Our plan for moderate economic growth is designed to provide an increased tax base that will fund our schools and village well into the 21st century.

Bethany is centered within some of the richest farmland in the world, and has a strong agriculture base.  With our proximity to Lake Shelbyville and larger communities, both recreation and employment are a short commute.  We are proud of our excellent schools, parks, library and community events.  In addition, our numerous civic organizations provide for residents of all ages to truly become involved in their community.

The residents of Bethany believe in continuing to provide a safe community, strong schools and opportunities for the benefit of all residents.  We welcome families to join us in enjoying the atmosphere of a small town.